Friday, December 16, 2011

Running out of the necessities

My new resolve to cut the amount of money I am spending at the grocery was put to the test this past week as I prepared my shopping list.  Why is it that all the little necessary items around the house run out at the same time?  How is it possible to be out of toilet paper, deodorant, hand soap, laundry detergent,  some of the cleaning supplies, pet food, 5 different spices we use all the time, AND a handful of the condiments we regularly use?!  My trip to the grocery was incredibly depressing, I spent a ton of money and once everything was unloaded the fridge still looked barren!  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The price of my fuzzy friends

While going through the process of combing my monthly budget for ways to reduce costs I took a good hard look at how much my two cats, two lizards, and one dog cost me and the result was shocking!  I calculated the cost of food per day plus the monthly heartworm and flea meds and annual vaccinations and licensing fees… the end result: I pay around $115 bucks a month to keep these critters with a roof over their heads!  A note here: my boyfriend also has two dogs but we mostly keep our finances separate so my monthly estimate only includes my pets. Another note: Yes, I realize we have more pets than other couples would ever want but that’s what happens when two animal lovers fall in love and combine households!  And we’ve firmly agreed that there will not be any new additions to our family unless it is an addition that shares our genes and will someday pick out a good nursing home to ship us off to!

Given the financial situation I am in, I know some people would advise finding new homes for my pets (i.e. my middle sister, the only person in my family who knows what kind of hole I’ve dug myself into and also a self-professed pet hater) but I simply cannot bring myself to even think about that option.  They may cost me financially but their companionship, devotion, and affection is something that I can’t put a price tag on. 

I can, however, make some adjustments to their lifestyles like switching their foods to a less expensive brand.  Also, since I recently moved from Florida, where I treated year-round for flea prevention, to Boston  (I’m pretty sure the fleas don’t like the cold any more than I do) I can cut back flea prevention for a good part of the year.  With all the adjustments, I am looking at a savings of about $50 a month which equates to $600 more I can pay-off my debt in the coming year!