Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can't live without my technology...

I’ve been with T-mobile for as long as I can remember and have always been satisfied with their service, phones, and plans.  Every few years or so I end up signing a new contract with them to get a better phone.  Usually around that time I take a look at what other companies are offering and, in the past, T-mobile has always seemed to give me the most for my money.  I am currently out of contract with them but my phone is fine and I have been satisfied with my plan so I wasn’t really thinking about changing anything.  However, since I am on the mission to scrutinize every last penny I spend each month I decided it’s time to really explore all the cell phone options including switching to a family plan which S and I have been talking about for a year but never doing anything about!

Let me just say how freaking confusing the cell phone industry has become!  My first stop was to my trusty old T-mobile which , at least the last time I went in, had a handful of plans to choose from and seemed pretty straightforward.  Not anymore!  Now they have value plans, and discounted phone plans, and a la carte options for everything.  The poor kid trying to explain what the equivalent of my old plan is and how all the different choices could affect the bottom line was getting noticeably flustered by the time I said thank you and left (just as confused as when he started talking). 

After looking at ALL our options, which was exhausting and took weeks to analyze everything we’ve decided to stick with T-mobile.  We’ve combined our plans into a family plan that costs $15 less than I was paying for just my phone plan.  With the extra savings from our cell phone bills we went ahead and got internet service at home which neither of us have had for years.  

I want to feel guilty about getting internet service at home, I mean we’ve been surviving just fine without it for years and it doesn’t fit with the reduce everything mentality but I just don’t… I love being able to stream movies and music again, I love that I can skype video chat with my friends and family again, and I love that I can waste hours online again on web games, youtube, and blogs.  I don’t feel guilty at all… besides we did reduce the overall amount we were spending by 15 whole dollars so that has to count for something, right?

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