Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September update #2

Besides taking a trip to NYC with my sister and staying on budget for the first vacation in my life, I also finally had my wisdom tooth removed.  The surgery and recovery was a horrendous experience with the pain and swelling, and 12 days later I am still sore but there is a silver lining to the experience!  The biggest is that the whole shebang only cost me $68 ($50 for the surgery plus the pain meds)!  I was thrilled when I got the insurance estimate since it meant I would not have to dip into my precious emergency fund!

The other silver lining is that I decided to do a juice/ veggie fast during my recovery to try and kick my soda/ caffeine/ junk food addiction.  I figured since I couldn’t eat or drink anything the day of the surgery anyways I might as well keep it going and get rid of some bad habits in the process.   For the first 5 days I stuck with fresh juices and veggie purees/ soups.  Since then I’ve gone back to my more normal diet sans the caffeine, soda and junk food.  I plan to stay caffeine free for at least 30 days since most of my caffeine intake was coming from soda and I want to make sure I’m well past temptation before going back to tea. 

Since I started tackling my debt a year ago I knew that one of the biggest money sinks for me are my bad diet habits including junk food and soda.  Bit by bit I’ve cut back on the amount I was spending on the junk but it’s time to kiss that expense goodbye forever (and hopefully my waistline will be thankful that I’m giving up the junk too!).  

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