Friday, October 12, 2012

Proposal accepted

I thought September was full to the brim but October has already blown it out of the water!

S and I took a little romantic weekend getaway last weekend to celebrate his birthday (keeping within a small set budget of course).  It was also the first time he and I had ever taken a vacation together which makes it extra special.  We drove up the coast from Boston to Deer Isle, Maine which was absolutely wonderful... the sun was out, the leaves were all shades of red, yellow, and orange, the coastal towns were charming, and we were having a grand time just driving!  We stayed at a historic B&B, which by visiting during off-season and staying in the smallest room available were able to pay a rate similar to what I've paid for crappy hotels!  

After enjoying one of the best meals I've ever had we were just relaxing in our room when he surprised me by popping the question!  I was absolutely thrilled (and still am) and now that I've had a week to process the excitement I can start focusing on some of the realities of becoming engaged as it relates to my financial life...

Some of the big questions I'll need to face in the following months:
  • So far in our relationship we've chosen to stay financially out of each others business, how are we going to work together on financial issues? 
  • How much financial merging needs to happen pre-marriage?
  • How much financial merging do we want post-marriage?  
  • Weddings can be ridiculously expensive, what kind of wedding do we want and how much are we willing to spend to get it?
  • How long will it take to save for the wedding?  
  • And lastly, how does all this effect my plan to pay off my debt?  
I'm sure I've just skimmed the surface of questions that will crop up as S and I move towards a union but for now I'm just very happy that S and I have decided to take this big step together!  

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