Monday, March 24, 2014

Moving expenses

Just a short post today...

We made our big move from Massachusetts to Kentucky this past weekend and are busily settling into our new life.  With the move and the settling comes expenses.  As many times as I've moved in my life you'd think I would have a better handle on the expenses that come along with moving.  However, the last time I moved was pre-financially responsible days so my memories of how much should be budgeted were pretty useless.  

I haven't sat down and actually counted up how much the move cost but here are some things that I did NOT budget for:

  • An extra set of hands. At the last minute one of S' friends offered to drive with us to help with the babies.  Without her help I think we'd probably still be on the road struggling to make the drive!  However, I hadn't budgeted anything for extra food and lodging for a helper.
  • An extra day of travel/ extra night of lodging.  We got a late start and couldn't make up the time which ended up costing us an extra night.
  • How much fuel the truck would gobble up fully weighted down.  We packed that Uhaul like a sardine can AND towed a car on the back so I'm sure my calculations for fuel costs were thrown off. 
  • Restocking the fridge.  I never really considered that we'd be starting over, almost from square one, at the new house.  I think we've spent over $250 at grocery stores over the past week and we still don't have much to show for it besides all new condiments and essentials!
  • Deposits for utilities.  These haven't hit us yet but the first utility bills are going to be painful.
  • Stuff for the new house.  I didn't budget anything for new furnishings, decor, or odds and ends to help us get situated in new our new home.  Our new place is much larger than the last and we are going to have to work very hard to resist the temptations to fill it with more stuff.  
Once things get a little more routine and I've got the major items figured out, I'll try to go back and figure out how much the move really cost us.

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