Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Renewing my commitment

To kick start my renewed commitment to debt reduction, I've read back through all my archives this month. It was kind of amazing to read, there were so many things that I had forgotten about over the years. And it reminded me that this blog has not only recorded a journey to reduce debt and live a more fiscally responsible life but also a journey from a single person to a family of (almost) five , from a dual income no kids life to a single income with a start up business life, and that we've undergone so many changes, moves, and adjustments along the way. 

I saw our debt number fluctuate quite a bit. It dropped down fairly quickly in the beginning but in the past years has stayed steady or risen a little which has been a major disappointment to me. I saw plenty of mistakes made along the way but I also saw a lot of major bumps we have hit and overcome. Today's debt number is not where I though we would be after so many years and while the hard numbers don't reflect the huge change I had hoped for, the blog itself is a great reminder of the major transformations we have gone through.

There were also plenty of little debt reducing tips that I was reminded of reading back through the blog that I need to start implementing again. My health insurance has an awards program for doing and tracking healthy things which is as easy as remembering to wear my fitbit and log in every once in a while. It allows me to cash in my awards for gift cards, fitness gear, even movie tickets. There's also a healthy food discount program in which I get 5% or more off healthy food items. Probably the biggest item is making a better commitment to bulk meal prep and making sure I've packed food for the workday everyday. 

In all I'm feeling good about getting going again and I'm very glad I have spent the time over the years recording my journey here. 

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