Friday, June 29, 2012

Success to share

A few weeks ago I made a goal for myself to spend the last bit of April using all my newly developed debt reduction skills together.  While I can't say I've been 100% successful everyday with every skill, I can say that on a couple fronts I've completely exceeded my own expectations... my etsy shop and taking on new sewing jobs!  

During the past three weeks I've doubled up my efforts at listing items in my shop plus did some outreach to one of the craft galleries I have my work displayed at.  The extra effort paid off... the gallery sold some of my work so they cut me a check plus ordered a bunch of new items and would like me to be a bigger contributor to their gallery!  The big winner though was selling a $200 commission work on my etsy site plus a couple little orders!

To top it off, before I even had a chance to re-advertise for sewing jobs, a lady that I've done work for in the past contacted me for more work for her AND for her daughter... so there's another $150 coming my way!

This all may just be a fluke incident or maybe just plain luck but I'd like to think that at least a portion of it comes from my own hard work, that my efforts to change my ways and focus on my financial world are paying off.  In any case I can't wait to put all that extra cash towards my debt!

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  1. These are big chunks of money coming in. Good job!