Sunday, October 23, 2011

Owning up to what I owe

To be truly honest, it wasn't until I finished graduate school in 2006 that I even took a real look at the debt I had accumulated through my seven years of higher education.  At that time, I was carrying $55k in student loans and credit card debt but I brushed it off... of course I had debt, everyone had debt, who could get through college and grad school without it!  When I graduated it was the height of the market and I had landed a fantastic job so I felt confident that my debt would pretty much take care of itself.  Fast forward to today: $65k debt in school loans, credit cards, a car loan and, most recently and most shamefully, a loan from the Bank of Mom and Dad. 

Coming to realize that in the five years since graduation I have actually increased my debt load is a painful pill to swallow.  I would love to sit here and blame this on the economy or any number of other things that have occurred over the past five years but the economy didn’t take out a car loan or whip out the credit card every time the going gets tough.  It’s time to own up to what I owe and the habits that keep me in debt.

 I guess with that said it’s time to lay out what I owe for the world to see *gulp*:

Student Loan: $38,339 @ 2.5%
Car Loan: $11,684 @ 3.9%
Credit Card 1: $10,577 @ 0% until January when my balance transfer reverts to 16.99%
Credit Card 2: $3,635 @ 15.4%
Parents: $600

Total: $64,835

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