Thursday, March 8, 2012


The past month has really put me in a funk.  A series of big dollar expenses have taken their toll on my motivation to stay the course to a debt free life.  Some of the expenses were unavoidable like the new tires and taking on a bigger portion of the month's bills while S transitions into a new job.  But some of the expenses were self inflicted... for instance going out to celebrate S's new job (which we did after each of the two interviews and upon news that he was offered the job and upon his decision to accept the job).  We also drove down to meet my family for a ski weekend, which was pretty inexpensive as far as vacations go because my parents picked up a lot of the cost but still hit the credit card pretty hard.

It's not that I think traveling to see family or going on vacation or celebrating big life events are bad things... I think those things are absolutely necessary but I just wish I was in a place in my life that I could do those things without feeling so bad about the cost.  I just feel bad about the situation I've created for myself right now and that feeling is counterproductive... the worse I feel, the more ignore my finances and the more I sink back into old spending habits.

I knew starting this process would be painful at times and I knew there would be "relapses".  I know I've got to keep my eye on the end goal and start moving forward again... 

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