Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Is this child care or highway robbery?

For the time being S and I have decided he should stay at his job which means I'm starting the search for child care options for the twins for when I return to work.  I already had a vague idea of the monthly costs by asking friends what their child care cost and I also checked into a couple places prior to the babies arrival.  Now that the real hunt is on I am finding the costs for the "average" day care center are higher than I had expected.

One of the places I called, which is the closest to my home, talked all about their fancy curriculum, facilities, teachers, and finally asked me when I'd like to come in for a tour.  Thankfully, I went ahead and asked about the tuition before wasting my time... $925 per week.  I about choked when she told me.  This was the highest cost for a center I have found but even the lowest priced center is equal to one of our take-home pay!  I don't want to sound like I don't want the best for my children but geeze, how much curriculum does an infant need?!  Did my parents worry about my chances of getting into college when they were picking out my infant care?!  

Seriously though, I've heard that private, in-home care is more affordable than centers but so far have not been able to locate many or any with availability.  I'm trying hard to stay positive and to keep in mind that somehow people make ends meet but right now all I see are the HUGE extra expenses brought on by the babies.  That's all I've got for now...

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