Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What not to do to save money

I can officially add home haircuts to the list of things that I should never do to save money.  I already knew I was not great at men's cuts after an attempt about a year ago to give S a trim.  He didn't flat out say that it was the worst haircut of his life because he loves me too much but OMG it was terrible!  Think Little Rascals Alfalfa in the back, lopsided chunky cuts on the side with some scissor lines that look vaguely reminiscent of Vanilla Ice, and a little too long and shaggy in the front.... I got a good number of chuckles out of that haircut while he waited for it to grow out enough to go to the barber.

So S won't let me touch his hair again but I figured I could at least handle a little trim to my bangs between real haircuts.  I wear my bangs longish with the ends coming right to my eyebrows and since they grow fast I was constantly needing to have them trimmed or I would wear them pinned back once they got too long.  A couple weeks ago I decided to trim them up myself before my parents came in town for a visit.  I had all the right tools and felt like I did exactly what the stylist does when she cuts my hair.  In the mirror they looked pretty good, not pro but definitely not bad.  

And then my parents arrived and out came the camera to document all the fun we were having.  Lots of pictures were taken the weekend they were here and today I downloaded those pictures from my camera.  And in every single picture of me my bangs look terrible!  Completely  lopsided and whispy for one half and blunt cut for the other.  I am mortified that I have been leaving the house everyday thinking that my home haircut looked pretty good.  Why does the mirror tell me one thing while the camera is singing a whole different story?  I will be going to the salon ASAP to fix this mess, perhaps today on my lunch break, and I will forever be removing haircutting from the list of things I can do to save money.

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